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In 2019, Egyptian and South Korean ambassadors and officials began bilateral movements to enhance tourism between the two countries. These moves were intended to both boost numbers, and Korean airlines even went so far as to add flights between Seoul and Cairo, making it easier to travel the considerable distance between the two nations.

Egyptian officials have done their part to make it easier for South Koreans to visit Egypt also. In 2015, Egypt officials launched a new eVisa that would eliminate the need for South Koreans to visit their local embassy or consulate and wait long periods of time for the approval to visit Egypt.

The Egyptian eVisa for South Koreans can be applied for entirely online and is available in two varieties, depending on how long each traveler wishes to stay in Egypt. Read on to find out the step by step process as well as all the requirements for South Koreans to receive their Egyptian eVisa.

Do South Koreans Need a Visa for Egypt?

Yes, each traveler from South Korea is required to have a visa before they are permitted entry into Egypt.

The online tourist eVisa for South Koreans is available in two options:

  • A single-entry visa allows for one-time entry into Egypt and grants the holder of the eVisa 30 days of stay within Egypt. Should they wish to stay longer, holders of this visa will need to exit the country and apply for an entirely separate visa
  • A multi-entry visa which grants the holder multiple stays of up to 30 days within a period of six months. Multi-entry eVisa holders are eligible to stay inside of Egypt for 30 days, leave, and re-enter with 30 more days of validity up to six times within the six months that the visa is valid

Once the eVisa has been issued, it is valid for three months, meaning the traveler must enter Egypt before then.

For these two types of Egypt visas, the typical waiting time for the visa to be issued is four to seven days. It is advised to apply with at least seven days of anticipation, but of course, more is advised if possible.

Egypt Visa On Arrival for South Korean Citizens

There are currently only a handful of countries that are not required to hold a visa to enter Egypt, but they are mostly in the same region as Egypt, with many of them being members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

As South Koreans are not on this list, they must obtain a visa, either beforehand via the eVisa application, or an Egypt visa on arrival, which is a more time-consuming and less secure process.

Should South Korean citizens opt for the visa on arrival option, they must keep in mind that the application cannot be paid in debit or credit card so they must carry cash. They also cannot apply for the multi-entry option, meaning they are allowed only 30 days in Egypt.

Egyptian Transit Visa Available for South Korea

In the case that a South Korean passport holder is transiting through Egypt and has an onward flight within 48 hours, then they are eligible to enter Egypt visa-free.

However, if their flight is within six hours, then they are not eligible to leave and must remain at the airport.

Egypt eVisa Requirements for South Koreans Citizens

There are a few requirements that each applicant must provide when preparing to submit their application:

  • A valid South Korean passport. The passport must have at least six months of validity before it expires from the date the traveler leaves Egypt
  • A digital scan of the passport page
  • A current email address. The eVisa will be issued via email
  • A debit or credit card to pay the application fee

Apply for Egypt eVisa From South Korea

In addition to the requirements listed in the above section, each applicant must also fill out an Egyptian eVisa application form for South Korean citizens.

The application form asks personal details such as:

  • Name as it is shown on the passport
  • Contact details
  • Passport expiry date
  • Passport number
  • Expected arrival date
  • Reason for visiting Egypt
  • Date of birth

Once the Egyptian eVisa has been issued via email, South Korean travelers should print out a hard copy and carry it with them to their port of entry as an additional level of security.

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