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Egypt has steadily maintained its status as a tourist destination within the Middle East and North Africa. In 2015, in an effort to continue improving and streamlining its system for granting visas to foreigners who come from all across the world to visit, Egypt implemented a new online visa system, or Egypt eVisa application program, that allows tourists from many countries around the globe to easily apply for a visa online before traveling to Egypt.

Russian passport holders must hold a valid visa before entering Egypt. Russian citizens are among the travelers who are eligible to apply online for an eVisa prior to travel to Egypt. It is also worth mentioning that those with Russian passports are eligible for visa on arrival at any port of entry in Egypt. If a traveler intends to apply for a visa on arrival, they should be prepared to wait in long lines as well as take cash with them as no credit or debit cards will be accepted at any Egyptian border.

Do Russian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Egypt?

Of the two possibilities for applying for and receiving a tourist visa for Russian citizens, the eVisa is a far more secure and easy way of going about it. The visa is filled out entirely online, which means that the need to visit an embassy or consulate months before the intended visit is eliminated. Instead, travelers can apply for their eVisa from anywhere in the world where they have Internet access. It is important to remember that travelers should apply for their eVisa no fewer than seven days before their intended departure in order to give Egyptian authorities proper time to review and grant the visa.

If a Russian traveler has a long layover in Egypt (over six hours), they are not required to have a tourist visa should they wish to exit the airport. Instead, travelers can receive an Egyptian transit visa as long as their itinerary matches certain criteria. A transit visa can be acquired provided that their next departure is within 48 hours. If their onward flight is before six hours, they are not allowed to leave the airport, and if their flight is more than 48 hours later, they must have a tourist visa.

While applying for a tourist visa, Russian passport holders have the choice of selecting a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. It is imperative that travelers consider their intended itinerary while choosing between the two. A single-entry visa will allow Russian travelers to enter Egypt one time only and stay for up to 30 days meaning if they exit Egypt before their 30 days are up, they would still be required to apply for a separate eVisa before returning. A multi-entry visa grants travelers as many entries as they would like within a 180 day period, but the total amount of days they are allowed per entry is still limited to 30 days.

Egypt eVisa Application Requirements for Russian Citizens

Russian citizens who are applying for the eVisa are required to provide basic information to Egyptian authorities. This information includes:

  • A valid Russian passport: The passport must have a minimum of six months validity before it expires from the intended date of entry into Egypt
  • A digitized copy of the passport information page, which can be uploaded following the submission of the eVisa application
  • A valid credit or debit card as the visa application carries with it a one-time processing fee
  • A current email address so that Egyptian authorities can send the eVisa once it is granted

As stated above, it is important that travelers give Egyptian authorities sufficient time to render their decision regarding the eVisa by submitting it with at least seven days’ notice before they intend to travel. Once Russian travelers have been granted the eVisa, they must print out a hard copy and carry it with them as they will be required to present it alongside their passport while entering Egypt.

If a Russian citizen holds dual citizenship, they must be vigilant about using the same passport for their application that they intend to travel with as the eVisa is tethered to a specific passport as well as the traveler who holds it.

Additional Egyptian eVisa Requirements for Russian

In addition to the information above, Russian passport holders should also be prepared to provide the following points of data while filling out their eVisa application:

  • Full name as it appears in their passport
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport number, date of expiration, date of issue
  • A current telephone number
  • Expected arrival date

Additionally, russian citizens will be asked questions about their history of health and their criminal records. All information must be provided truthfully or the Egyptian authorities will have grounds to deny the eVisa application.

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