Egypt eVisa Application for Romanian Citizens

Apply for Egypt eVisa

Egypt has been ranked third within the Middle Eastern countries with more international visitors arrivals, getting more than eight million tourists in 2017, which led the Egyptian government to implement an electronic visa system in 2015 to provide a better immigration experience.

Most of the tourist arrivals were from European countries with nearly five million visitors, among which there are Romanian nationals, who are eligible to obtain an Egypt eVisa, as the electronic travel authorization is commonly known.

Egypt’s electronic visa allows visitors to save time and hassle, avoiding long waiting lines at the border or embassy, and making a lot easier for tourists to enter the country and enjoy its fascinating history, interesting culture, and breathtaking beaches.

Can Romanian Nationals Obtain an Egypt Visa?

To apply for an eVisa, Romanian citizens can choose to use the online system that will allow them to get an answer within 7 days through email, after completing a 10-minute online application and paying the visa fee with a credit or debit card.

The Egyptian government offers two visa options to short-term visitors, depending on their specific interest and travel plan:

  • To apply for a single-entry visa. This type of visa authorizes Romanian tourists to enter Egypt one time and stay for 30 days.
  • To obtain a multiple-entry Egypt visa, which grants as many entries as needed within 180 days (from the date the application is accepted) as long as passengers stay in the country less than 30 consecutive days.

Also, Romanian nationals can apply for other types of visas depending on each particular situation. One of them is the transit visa which allows travelers to leave the airport if they have travel itineraries with a connecting flight in an Egyptian airport from 6 to 48 hours.

Required Documents to Get an Egypt Visa as Romanian

By following a few easy steps and providing some personal documents and information, Romanian citizens can get a Visa for traveling to Egypt and enjoy its beauty.

  • Surnames and last names as they appear on the passport
  • Date, place of birth and nationality
  • Full address, phone number, and email
  • Passport information such as issue and expiration date, number and country
  • Date of arrival and departure from the country

Egypt Visa Requirements for Romanian Nationals

Romanian nationals, as well as citizens of other eligible countries, must meet the requirements established by the Egypt eVisa, such as:

  • The passport should be valid and the expiration date should not be earlier than 6 months from the time the visitor arrives at the country
  • The Romanian applicant will be asked to upload a digitized copy of his passport information page as soon as the application is completed
  • The Visa fee should be paid by debit or credit card
  • And the applicant will be asked to provide a valid email address to access the online system so the eVisa can be sent once it is approved

Applicants from Romania must remember that this process should be initiated with anticipation to prevent delays and last-minute rush or hassle.

Visitors from Romania will be required to present their passport and a print copy of their eVisa at the port of entry.

Applicants must take into consideration that they might be asked a few questions about their health history and criminal records.

The recommendation on this matter is to provide accurate and truth full information, whereas the Egyptian authorities can deny the application if they considerer that the visitor might represent a risk or national security asset for the country.

Why Should I Apply for an Egypt eVisa as Romanian?

Before the Egyptian government made available the eVisa, visitors from Romania and many other nationalities were required to get the travel authorization by attending an Egyptian embassy at their countries of origin.

The only other alternative was to obtain an Egypt Visa on Arrival, also known as VoA, which is still available, but it is only recommended for travelers that did not have time to make previous trip arrangements since this process can be longer and more uncomfortable than an electronic visa.

The eVisa, on the other hand, can be obtained very quickly by simply using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and only requires internet access, a valid email account, and a debit or credit card.

Once the online application is completed, the applicant must review all the information and make sure that everything is correct and nothing is missing, incomplete or provides wrong information. Any of these errors could lead to denial by the Egyptian authorities.

When the application is submitted, the Egyptian authorities will take from 3 to 7 business days to send an email with the result. If the Visa is granted, the Romanian applicant will be able to print it out and keep it along with their passport to enter the country upon arrival to any port.

Travelers from Romania should note that traveling with children to Egypt implies applying on their behalf.

Egypt Visa from Romania