Egypt Visa for Hungarian Citizens

Apply for Egypt Visa

Hungarians planning a trip to Egypt are eligible to apply for the Egypt eVisa. The eVisa is a document that is requested online and grants authorization to travel to Egypt for touristic activities. It replaces the need to book an appointment with the Egyptian embassy making the application more timesaving and comfortable.

How to Apply for an Egypt e-Visa as Hungarian Nationals

The process to obtain an Egypt eVisa from Hungary is simple and quick. Firstly Hungarian applicants will need to fill in the Egyptian eVisa application form. They will then be required to register a valid email address. All communications hereafter including the confirmation of the Egypt eVisa will be carried out by email.

The Egyptian government offers two types of eVisas available for Hungarian tourists:

  • The single-entry visa. It permits Hungarian citizens to enter once and to stay up to 30 days in Egypt
  • The multiple-entry visa. It allows Hungarian passport holders to enter multiple times for 6 months and remain up to 30 days each time.

Once registered, the form starts with some questions regarding the Hungarian nationals’ information which may include the following:

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Gender

After this general questionnaire, the Egyptian government needs other security questions to be answered by the Hungarian citizens, such as any previous criminal records or having overstayed in any other country in the past.

Health information from Hungarians traveling to Egypt

Additionally, applicants from Hungary might be requested to answer some health-related questions. They are very standard and should be answered correctly and honestly. Once applicants from Hungary have answered all the questions, they must proceed with the payment of the eVisa fee.

Payment process for the Egypt eVisa for Hungarian seekers

The payment page for the Egyptian eVisa guarantees complete security for online financial transactions. Hungarian passport holders need to ensure their credit or debit card has been previously activated for online payments and have the CVV code at hand.

Once the transaction has been successfully completed, the card information is not stored. Shortly after, the eVisa application is sent to the Egyptian authorities, who will send the approved eVisa to Hungarian nationals via email in a PDF format.

Egypt Visa processing times for Hungarian citizens

On average the Egypt eVisa takes up to 3 days to be approved and notified. Hungarian visitors are required to print out a copy before traveling and keep it on their person at all times during their stay in Egypt.

Nevertheless, applicants from Hungary are recommended to apply at least 7 days in advance before traveling to avoid any unforeseen delays.

In case the Egypt Visa application is not successful, the Hungarian applicants will receive its notification in the same email.

Egypt Visas Available for Hungarian Nationals

There are other visa options for Egypt available. Hungarian citizens are eligible to apply for the Egypt visa on arrival. Applicants must nevertheless take into account the process including the queues at border control upon arrival is considerably slower than the online application. Another factor to bear in mind is they will have to travel with the original copies of all the documentation required.

An alternative option is the Egypt Transit Visa. This travel authorization is suitable for Hungarians arriving at Egyptian airports on a connecting flight with a waiting period of six hours or more. Additionally, Hungarian visitors needing to switch to another form of transportation to get to their final destination must apply for this type of visa.

For those Hungarian citizens who want to work, study, or do voluntary work in Egypt, the eVisa or Visa on Arrival are not applicable.  Instead, they will need to book an appointment at the Egyptian embassy in Hungary to request a suitable travel permit.

Requirements to Obtain an Egypt eVisa From Hungary

Hungarian visitors should take into account to meet the following Egypt eVisa requirements:

  • Possess a passport valid for six months or more from the date of arrival in Egypt
  • Register an active email account
  • Have a debit or credit card activated for online transactions
  • Provide proof of the onward flight
  • Submit details of accommodation, such as a hotel or apartment
  • Attach a scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page

It is important to note for Hungarian families traveling to Egypt with children or minors under their tutelage that they must apply individually for each eVisa with each traveler’s personal passport.

Traveling From Hungary to Egypt: Further Considerations

Bringing the printed eVisa for Egypt and the original passport is one of the most important preparations for the trip from Hungary, but not the only one.

The weather, religion, security, and transport connections are other matters to take into account.

Depending on the type of tourist activity (cultural or relaxation) Hungarian tourists should bear in mind the Egyptian weather and religious calendar. Summers, for example, are extremely hot inland. Hungarians traveling to Egypt during Ramadan are not obliged to follow this religious custom of fasting but must take note that many local shops and services might be closed during usual business hours.

Visitors from Hungary can move freely throughout Egypt. Public and private forms of transportation in Egypt are available and affordable. Renting a car, for example, is commonplace and safe.

Lastly, Hungarian visitors should make sure they pay attention to the Egyptian custom regulations both on arrival as well as before departing the country.