Egypt eVisa for French Citizens

Apply for Egypt Visa

Egypt is a country known for its ancient civilization which has produced many archeological treasures that we are still uncovering today. It is a country steeped in the history of an ancient civilization giving us clues as to how life was organized around a nation which was arguably one of the most technologically advanced for its time. It is also a country where the famous Nile river flows through breathing life into an African country with a hot climate due to its close proximity to the Earth’s equator.

There are millions of reasons, as there are people, for traveling to Egypt. The government of the Arab Republic of Egypt has been considering various alternatives to the traditional visa application process in order to facilitate travel to the country. It has now introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization system to allow travelers from a select number of countries to obtain an Egyptian eVisa in a more efficient way.

The online eVisa for Egypt allows travelers from France to apply for their Egyptian eVisa online without needing to visit a local Egyptian embassy or consulate. Since the entire application process takes place online, the applicant only needs a few minutes to completely fill out the application form. This can be done from a phone, computer or tablet from the comfort of one’s home or office and the eVisa is sent via email once the processing has been completed on the application.

Egyptian eVisa for French Citizens

There are also different types of Egyptian eVisas that French citizens can apply for depending on their intended length of stay and the purpose of their visit. French applicants would be well advised to review the various visas offered by the Egyptian government in order to select one that better fits their travel needs.

In the event the travelers are interested in visiting Egypt for tourism, they can apply for the Egyptian tourist eVisa. Travelers can apply for a single-entry tourist eVisa or a multiple entry tourist eVisa depending upon how long they intend to stay in the country and how often they will be visiting over a limited period of time.

The single-entry tourist eVisa offered by the Egyptian government allows travelers a stay of up to 30 days in the country while the multiple entry tourist eVisa allows for a stay of up to 180 days in the country.

Requirements for French Applicants of the Egyptian eVisa

The Egyptian government sets some basic requirements for eVisa applicants to meet in order to successfully apply for an Egyptian eVisa. These requirements include:

  • A valid French passport or machine-readable ID card
  • Passport validity that extends at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Egypt
  • Blank pages on the passport for entry/exit stamps
  • A valid email address,
  • A valid debit/credit card
  • If applying with an ID card, two photos are also required

Once the applicant ensures that the basic requirements for the Egyptian eVisa application has been met, they can begin filling out the online application form.

French travelers must note that if their passport does not meet the required passport validity needed to apply for an Egyptian eVisa, they should consider renewing their passport before beginning the application process.

Travelers should also consider applying for their Egyptian eVisa ahead of time. The recommended time frame is 7 days ahead of their trip to Egypt.

How to Apply for Egyptian eVisa from France

French travelers can fill out an online form to apply for an Egyptian eVisa. They will be required to provide some personal details such as:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Permanent Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Travel Dates/Details
  • Passport Information

Additionally, they will have to be prepared to answer questions related to their medical history and any criminal records.

French Travelers must ensure that the information they provide on the Egyptian eVisa application form is accurate and free of erroneous, false or misleading information otherwise it may complicate the eVisa application process. Failure to provide accurate information on the Egyptian eVisa application can ultimately result in a visa denial and also cause travel delays. Travelers will have an opportunity to revise the information they have entered in the online application form before submitting the Egyptian eVisa application.

To complete the Egyptian eVisa application, French travelers will need to make an online payment using a valid debit/credit card. Once the payment has cleared, the application can then be submitted for review by the Egyptian authorities.

Arriving In Egypt from France

French citizens who apply for an Egyptian eVisa can expect to receive their eVisa within 3 business days after submitting a complete online eVisa application. Once the applicant is approved for travel to Egypt, the eVisa will be sent to the applicant’s email. It will be up to the traveler to print out a hard copy of the eVisa to take with them to the Egyptian port of entry when they travel.

French Travelers will need to present their Egyptian eVisa to Egyptian officials upon arrival at an Egyptian border crossing. They are also required to carry their eVisa with them at all times during their stay in Egypt.