Requirements for Estonian Travelers Visiting Egypt

Apply for Egypt Visa

Estonians who wish to visit Egypt can do so by applying for the Egyptian eVisa. The eVisa is an excellent alternative to the standard visa from the Egyptian embassy. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to prepare their travel to Egypt. It will help Estonian visitors avoid queues, appointments, and the presentation of different documents in person.

Types of Egypt Visas Available for Estonian Nationals

Estonian citizens can request for the following Visas for Egypt which are detailed further below:

  • Egypt Tourist Visa
  • Egypt Visa on Arrival
  • Egypt Transit Visa

Estonian nationals traveling to Egypt for leisure and tourism can request the Egypt Tourist eVisa online. They can choose between 2 different types of tourist eVisas depending on their travel itinerary.

Estonian visitors can apply for a single or multiple-entry Tourist eVisa for Egypt. The single-entry eVisa allows them to stay in Egypt for 30 days maximum in one go. The multiple-entry eVisa, on the other hand, permits them to exit and enter Egypt for 6 months provided that each stay on Egyptian soil does not exceed 30 days. The Egypt eVisa allows Estonian visitors to enter the country by land, air, or sea.

Estonians can also apply for an Egypt Visa on Arrival. This type of authorization allows them to sort their visa upon arriving at Egyptian border controls if they have not arranged for it before.

There are however certain inconveniences to this type of visa. Estonian nationals might have to face long queues at passport controls and immigration. Additionally, they will have to carry all of their original documentation with them and run the risk of a possible visa denial.

Lastly, the Egyptian government offers Estonian travelers the Egypt Transit Visa which is solely aimed at those citizens traveling through Egypt to reach another destination and have a stopover of more than 48 hours. Any other passengers with a shorter stop-over are exempt from needing this type of visa.

Egypt eVisa Requirements for Citizens of Estonia

The requirements to obtain an Egyptian eVisa are the following:

  • Present a valid passport issued in Estonia
  • Provide a debit or credit card to pay the eVisa fees
  • Use an email address for registration and primary communications

Estonian applicants should remember the passport must be valid at least 6 months before traveling to Egypt. If this is not the case, then it is best for them to renew it before beginning the application process.

Egypt does not require extra vaccination or medical records. However private medical insurance though not mandatory, is recommended for Estonian visitors.

How to Apply for an Egypt e-Visa as Estonian National

The Egypt eVisa application is online simply requires Estonian nationals to access stable internet access and an use an active email address.

The form will include questions regarding personal data and the travel information of the Estonian travelers. This consists of:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Gender
  • Passport’s number

The rest of the questions are related to the reason for the trip, the length of the stay in Egypt, and flight information.

Estonian applicants will then proceed to pay the eVisa processing fees. As mentioned above, the payment can be carried out with a debit or credit card provided it has sufficient funds and has been previously activated for online transactions

Once the payment has been successfully completed, the eVisa application is sent to the Egyptian authorities and Migration Department for evaluation.

Estonian applicants will receive their eVisa attached in an email along with their approval confirmation. It is strongly recommended to print out the eVisa upon receipt and keep it along with the travel documents since a hard copy will be required upon arrival.

In case the eVisa application has not been successful, this will also be notified to the Estonian nationals by email with an explanation of why.

Traveling From Estonia to Egypt: General Advice

As mentioned previously, Estonians will be required to present their printed eVisa upon arrival in Egypt. It is important to note that entry without a hard copy of the eVisa will not be authorized at border and passport controls.

Estonian travelers must make sure to plan their arrival and departure within the designated dates on their Egypt eVisa. It is also fundamental to bear in mind that single-entry Egypt eVisa expires after 3 months and the multiple-entry one does the same after 6 months.

General concerns for Estonians visiting Egypt

Estonian citizens planning their visit to Egypt will have to take into account the weather before booking any flights or accommodation. Egypt has a predominantly dry and warm climate with very high temperatures in the Summer. It is always a good idea to check the best time to visit Egypt before looking for flights and hotels.

Another concern Estonian tourists will have when visiting the country is to respect local customs such as the Egyptian dress codes. Egypt is an Islamic country and it is always best to respect local traditions to have an enjoyable experience.