Egypt eVisa for Danish Nationals

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In 2017, Egypt introduced an eVisa system for citizens from eligible countries, including Denmark. This means that Danish nationals who would like to travel to Egypt for tourism purposes can easily apply for a visa online in a matter of minutes instead of visiting the Egyptian Embassy in Copenhagen.

When applying for an Egypt eVisa online, Danes nationals can choose between a single-entry and multiple-entry eVisa. The latter option allows visitors to stay in the country for a total of 6 months, where every individual visit does not exceed 30 days. With a single-entry visa, it is possible to enter the country only once during the 3-months period which starts with the visa approval date. The maximum length of the stay is 30 days.

Egypt Visa Requirements for Danish Nationals

Danish citizens who wish to obtain an Egyptian online visa must make sure that they meet all the Egyptian eVisa requirements for Danish citizens.

First of all, Danish nationals who intend to visit Egypt on eVisa must travel for tourism purposes. For any other types of stay in the country, like work and study, travelers need to apply for other types of Egypt visas for Danish passport holders.

Applicants must own a Danish passport in order to apply for a visa and it has to be valid for at least 6 months after entering the country. In case the current passport expires after receiving the visa, the traveler will need to apply again using a new passport number.

Dual citizens must make sure that they apply for a visa with the same passport that will be used for traveling to Egypt since the visa is connected to the passport number.

The Egypt visa fee for Danes citizens has to be paid for online. Therefore, it is mandatory for all applicants to have a valid and unexpired debit or credit card.

Finally, an active email address is required for receiving all information about the visa and obtaining visa approval. Note that although this is an electronic visa, it is still necessary to print it out. The visa in its paper form is to be presented together with the Danish passport at the Egyptian point of entry.

How to Get Egypt Visa From Denmark

Obtaining an Egypt online visa is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the eVisa application form, pay the visa fee, and submit the application. Note that minors need to have an individual application form submitted in order to obtain a visa to Egypt.

Travelers from Denmark to Egypt are asked to provide the following personal, passport, and trip details in the application form:

  • Full first name(s) and family name(s)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Contact details including address, telephone number, and email address
  • Passport country
  • Passport number
  • Dates of passport issue and expiry
  • Expected travel dates

It is essential that all the information given in the application form is correct to the best of the traveler’s knowledge. If parts of the information are missing or are incorrect, visa approval can be delayed or denied.

It is advisable to apply for a visa at least 7 days before the trip, in case there are any delays or if any further information is needed from the traveler.

If all the Egypt visa requirements for Danish nationals are met, visa approval will be received by email. Visa processing time is 4-7 days. If the response is not received by that time, the applicant should check the spam folder and verify that the email address provided is correct.

Egypt Visa on Arrival for Danish Passport

Instead of applying online, Danish passport holders can also obtain an Egypt visa on arrival for Danish at the border. Although this option is convenient for last-minute travel, it has several disadvantages. First of all, waiting lines at the border may be long. In addition, only cash payment is accepted for the Egypt visa on arrival for Danish nationals. Finally, travelers who choose this alternative can only obtain a single-entry visa for a maximum stay of 30 days.

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