Egypt eVisa for Croatian Citizens

Apply for the Egypt eVisa

In 2017, the government of Egypt launched a new way for foreign nationals to obtain an electronic visa for Egypt known as the Egypt eVisa. The eVisa system allows over 35 eligible nations to apply, including citizens from Croatia.

Applying for a visa to Egypt using this method makes it accessible, easy, and much more favorable since Croatian applicants no longer have to book an appointment with their local embassy or consulate. Now, all they need to do is apply online by filling out an electronic application form that takes a matter of minutes to complete.

eVisa Requirements for Croatians Traveling to Egypt

There are several Egypt eVisa entry requirements that Croatian tourists need to consider, meet, and comply with before applying for the Egypt e-visa:

  • A valid Croatian passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt and it must be issued by the Croatian government
  • Personal details such as full name, date of birth, and passport number
  • A scanned copy/image of the biographical page of the Croatian passport
  • A current email address so that the Egypt eVisa can be received electronically
  • A working credit/debit card for payment of the visa processing fee at the final stage of the application form

Failing to meet these conditions and prerequisites, set in place by the government of Egypt, could mean an eVisa denial for Croatian nationals.

Another condition to obtain the eVisa is that Croatian citizens must be traveling to Egypt for tourism and sightseeing purposes.

It should be emphasized that Egypt’s e-Visa is directly linked to the applicant’s Croatian passport. Therefore, if for any reason the passport used to apply with has been lost, stolen, or replaced, Croatians will need to apply for a new eVisa to Egypt with the new passport number.

Visitors entering Egypt from Croatia with an eVisa: ports of entry

There are a number of ports of entry to Egypt that support entrance with an eVisa.

For instance, Croatians can travel and enter Egypt via any of the main international airports, Cairo International Airport being the main one, and the second largest airport in Africa.

How to Apply For an eVisa to Egypt as Croatian

Croatians can now apply online for the eVisa travel authorization to Egypt with the click of a finger via the online visa website. Once all the requirements have been revised and checked, Croatian visitors are asked to choose between one of the two tourist visa types: a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa depending on how many times they need to enter the country.

Egypt single-entry tourist visa for Croatian travelers

The prime condition of the single-entry travel permit to Egypt is that it authorizes a Croatian eVisa holder to enter Egypt on a one-time basis. If Egypt’s eVisa holders from Croatia exit and later need to re-enter, they will need to apply again.

With an Egyptian single-entry tourist eVisa, Croatian visitors are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

Once issued, Croatian visitors must enter the country within a time period of 3 months from the date of the eVisa issuance.

Egypt multiple-entry tourist visa available to Croatia

The multiple-entry visas travel permit allows Croatian nationals to enter Egypt several times over a validity period of 6 months. Croatians who hold an eVisa to Egypt must note they can only stay in the country for 30 days per entry over the total validity period of the Egyptian visa, which is a maximum of 6 months.

If tourism is not the motive of the travel, the Egyptian eVisa is not suitable. Nonetheless, there are other visas for Egypt passengers of Croatia can apply for based on different traveling reasons such as work or academic purposes.

Can Croatian Travelers Receive a Visa on Arrival to Enter Egypt?

Yes, Croatians are eligible to receive a Visa on Arrival, which is also known as an Egypt VOA, at their chosen port of entry.

Nonetheless, Croatians should consider this option more carefully as the VOA to Egypt requires more preparation in order to successfully obtain it at the immigration border control.

This option of obtaining a visa on arrival has been deemed less popular than an eVisa since it may take several minutes or hours to process the information when arriving in the country, and there is no guarantee the travel permit will be conceded if a document is missing or a prerequisite is not met.