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Egypt is a country full of great wonders. The ancient Egyptian civilization built temples, pyramids, monuments and tombs that still astound people when they go to see them today. Millions of tourists from countries around the world visit Egypt every year to see some of these ancient sites and marvel at the insights they provide into a civilization considered to be one of the most advanced for its time.

The government of the Arab Republic of Egypt has now implemented the electronic travel authorization system to make the application and obtainment of an Egyptian eVisa a simplified and more convenient process. Travelers from a select group of countries are now able to apply for their Egyptian eVisa online without the need to visit a local Egyptian embassy or consulate. This new process also cuts down on the time it takes for travelers to obtain their eVisa from weeks to a few days.

Are Austrian Citizens Eligible for An Egyptian eVisa?

Austria is on the list of countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for an Egyptian eVisa in order to visit the country. In the event, the traveler is unsure about their eligibility to apply for an Egyptian eVisa, they can always contact a local Egyptian embassy or consulate to receive verification before filling out the online application form.

Travelers from Austria looking to obtain an Egyptian eVisa can scan the list of different eVisas offered by the Egyptian government. The idea is to select an eVisa that best matches their travel needs. In the event, Austrian travelers are looking to visit the country as tourists can apply for an Egyptian tourist eVisa which can be obtained either as a single-entry or a multiple entry eVisa. The single entry eVisa will allow Austrian travelers a maximum length of stay of up to 30 days in the country whereas a multiple entry eVisa allows them a stay of 180 days in the country.

Egyptian eVisa Requirements for Austrian Nationals

Austrian travelers visiting Egypt on an eVisa will need to fulfill certain basic requirements to successfully submit an eVisa application. These requirements include:

  • Having a valid Austrian passport
  • The passport must have a validity that extends 6 months from the date of the traveler’s arrival in Egypt
  • There must be s few blank pages on the traveler’s passport where entry/exit stamps can be placed
  • Travelers will also need to have a valid email address
  • And a debit or credit card that is valid for online payments

Austrian travelers that are concerned about the validity of their passport for their trip to Egypt should consider renewing their passport before filling out the online application form.

Travelers are also advised to apply for their Egyptian eVisa ahead of time, preferably 7 days before their intended date of departure for Egypt in order to account for any processing delays that might occur.

Apply for the Egyptian eVisa from Austria

Once the traveler has ascertained that the basic requirements for the Egyptian eVisa application have been fulfilled, they can begin the application process by filling out the online eVisa application. The Egyptian eVisa application will ask the traveler to list some personal details such as, their name, date of birth, country of citizenship, address, telephone number, travel details as well as passport information. Travelers will also be asked questions related to their medical history and criminal background if any.

Austrian travelers are advised to answer these questions as honestly as possible because any erroneous information discovered in the application can create complications for the applicant’s travel plans. In certain cases, applicants may be denied a visa and in others it may cause delays in their travel plans. Therefore, to avoid any issues altogether applicants must review the information entered on the form to ensure its accuracy.

To complete the online application process travelers will also have to make an online payment using a valid debit/credit card. Once the payment has been cleared, the applicant will then be able to submit the application for processing.

Austrian Travelers Arriving in Egypt

Austrian travelers that have submitted an online Egyptian eVisa application can expect to receive their eVisa via email within 3 business days. After receiving the Egyptian eVisa, travelers will need to print out a hard copy of their eVisa to take with them when they travel to Egypt. This will need to be presented along with their passport to Egyptian Immigration and Border Control officials upon arrival in the country.

Austrian travelers will also need to carry a copy of their eVisa with them at all times during their trip to Egypt. The eVisa contains information about the maximum length of stay allowed for a traveler as well as the number of entries into Egypt that they have been approved for.

Egypt Visa from Austria