Sinai Entry Stamp

Entry Stamp for Tourists Traveling to Sinai Resorts

The majority of foreign nationals require a visa to enter Egypt. Passport holders from an EU member state, the USA, in addition to a number of other nations, can now apply for an Egypt eVisa online in advance. Tourists from a selection of countries are able to enter Egypt without a visa but they must […]

Stay in Egypt

Accommodation in Egypt: Where to Stay

In Egypt, accommodation comes in various forms. From resorts on the Red Sea to guesthouses in Islamic Cairo, there are many different types of accommodation in Egypt, which vary in price, location, and level of luxury. The question of where to stay depends on whether the visitor is planning to see the Pyramids of Giza, […]

travel to egypt with children

Travel to Egypt with Kids

In general, kids love anything to do with Ancient Egypt: mummies, tombs and the pyramids all fascinate youngsters and inspire dreams of becoming a dashing archaeologist like Indiana Jones. Traveling to Egypt with kids is a great way to make children’s fantasies come to life, and there are a number of attractions and experiences in […]

evisa extension for egypt

How To Extend an eVisa for Egypt?

Thanks to the online visa for Egypt (eVisa), tourists from several countries can obtain permission to enter Egypt completely online. This has completely eliminated the need to visit an Egyptian embassy before leaving or join long queues at the airport for a visa on arrival. The eVisa for Egypt is a short-term authorization that can […]

evisa photo requirements for Egypt

Photo Requirements For Egypt Visas

An essential step to being approved for a Visas to travel to Egypt is providing an identifying photo of the traveler. There are numerous specified requirements that must be followed in order to do this. The following guide explains precisely what Egyptian visas type requires a photograph and how applicants should capture a photo that […]


A Guide to Getting a Tourist Visa for Egypt

Egypt is an enchanting destination that offers iconic sights such as the pyramids, the River Nile, and the Valley of the Kings. There are also lesser-known sides to Egypt such as hidden temples, Muslim and Christian architecture, and stunning coastlines. Thankfully, it has never been easier to reach Egypt. Cheap flights are now available from […]