what to eat in egypt

Guide to Eating and Drinking in Egypt

Egyptian cuisine has evolved over thousands of years, with many of the civilizations that have passed through the region leaving some kind of mark on the food eaten within Egypt. Greek, Lebanese, Palestinian Syrian, Turkish, British and French culinary influces can all be found in modern Egyptian food across a wide range of dishes, and […]

egypt local laws for a foreigners

Local Laws and Customs When Traveling to Egypt

When visiting the land of the Pharaohs, it is important to respect the customs and laws in Egypt. A predominantly Islamic country, the legal system is very different to that of western countries, as is the culture. International visitors should be aware of certain Egyptian laws and the legality of things that are often taken […]

evisa for disembark into egypt

How to Get an Egypt Visa For Cruise Passengers

Cruise passengers must hold a valid Egypt electronic visa when they arrive in the country. Like other tourists to the Arab Republic, they must have the right authorization to be cleared by the Egyptian authorities or they may not be allowed to disembark from a cruise liner or travel to the country’s ports to catch […]

Egypt eVisa rejection

How to Avoid Egypt eVisa Rejection

After submitting an Egypt eVisa online, most travelers receive the approved visa within 7 working days. Processing times are fast and the permit is sent directly to the traveler by email. However, in a minority of cases, the visa application may be denied. This could be because the individual does not meet all the Egypt […]

travel with animals to egypt

Documentation Needed to Travel to Egypt With Pets

Although an import permit or Egypt pet passport is not required when traveling with pets to Egypt, visitors carrying any type of animal to the country are required to fist obtain other supporting documentation. Read on to learn about the mandatory documents required to travel to Egypt with pets, other than an approved Egyptian tourist […]

egyptian embassy

Egypt Visa Applications at an Embassy or Consulate

When planning a trip to Egypt, travelers should first check whether they can apply for an Egypt eVisa. Citizens of over 40 countries are now able to obtain an Egyptian visa online. With no need to attend a diplomatic mission, eligible tourists are encouraged to take advantage of the eVisa program. Passport holders from nations […]

Sinai Entry Stamp

Entry Stamp for Tourists Traveling to Sinai Resorts

The majority of foreign nationals require a visa to enter Egypt. Passport holders from an EU member state, the USA, in addition to a number of other nations, can now apply for an Egypt eVisa online in advance. Tourists from a selection of countries are able to enter Egypt without a visa but they must […]

Stay in Egypt

Accommodation in Egypt: Where to Stay

In Egypt, accommodation comes in various forms. From resorts on the Red Sea to guesthouses in Islamic Cairo, there are many different types of accommodation in Egypt, which vary in price, location, and level of luxury. The question of where to stay depends on whether the visitor is planning to see the Pyramids of Giza, […]

getting around egypt

How to Get Around in Egypt: Public and Private Transportation

Egypt has much to offer tourists, from the emblematic pyramids in Giza, to coastal resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh in addition to a number of fascinating cities to explore. With so much to see and do, travelers will want to plan how to get around in Egypt in order to make the most of […]

Visit Egypt in 2 days

Visit the Surroundings of the Egyptian Airports with the Transit Visa

Most travelers try to avoid layovers on their way to the final destination but that’s not always an option. Luckily, those whose flight plans include spending up to 2 days in Egypt on their way to another country have several alternatives to take advantage of the situation. That’s because passengers with 6 to 48 hours […]