Best season to go to Egypt

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Egypt?

Egypt sparks many travelers’ imagination — whether they dream of an adventure in the desert, visiting Tutankhamon’s tomb, or snorkeling in the Red Sea, foreigners are unlikely to get bored spending their holidays in Egypt. Many come to Egypt during the summer to enjoy a beach holiday at its best, others prefer to spend their […]

evisa photo requirements for Egypt

Photo Requirements For Egypt eVisas

An essential step to being approved for an Egypt eVisa is providing an identifying photo of yourself. There are numerous specified requirements that must be followed in order to do this. The following guide explains precisely how applicants should capture a photo that fits the correct specifications. It also details the Egypt visa passport photo […]

Driving in Egypt

Information to Driving in Egypt as a Foreigner

Every year, Egypt attracts millions of visitors thanks to its unmatched archaeological treasures and the beauty of the desert and the Red Sea. Being so used to mass tourism, Egypt is pretty well prepared in receiving foreign tourists. However, if you’ve made Egypt your next holiday destination, you may soon find out that you’re dependent […]

Border crossing Egypt Israel

Guide to Crossing the Border Between Egypt and Israel

As Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula shares a land border with Israel and a maritime border with Jordan, many travelers to Egypt take the opportunity to explore these nearby Middle Eastern countries during their stay. Egypt’s land border with Israel is located close to the Taba Red Sea resort, and within driving distance of the other popular […]

Egypt Nile Cruises

Planning a Nile River Cruise in Egypt: Necessary Documents

For many visitors to Egypt, a cruise on the River Nile is a must. Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan are among the cities that lie on the Nile and can all be visited in the course of a cruise holiday. The world’s longest river is magnificent in and of itself. It also provided a fertile valley […]

Visa to Memphis and Saqqara

Travel Guide to Saqqara and Memphis: Egypt’s Ancient Capital

Memphis was the ancient Egyptian capital long before Cairo. It is an exciting place of constant discovery as pyramids, tombs, and temples continue to be discovered. The ruins of the city lie 20 km south of Giza, cairo near the town of Mit Rahina. Saqqara (also spelled Sakkara or Saccara) is a vast necropolis which […]

Yellow Fever Certificate for Egypt

Egypt Yellow Fever Certificate Requirements

Yellow fever is a viral infection spread through mosquito bites in affected areas, and can cause symptoms including chills, fever, headache, back pain, nausea, and fatigue. Around 15 percent of those infected can also develop more serious symptoms of yellow fever including jaundice, bleeding, and organ failure. Depending on their nationality and where they are […]

egypt visa with israel stamp

Entering Egypt with an Israel Entry/Exit Stamp

If you have recently traveled to Israel and are planning to visit Egypt, then you may have concerns that your previous trip may cause you problems from entering the country. Although many Arab countries have good diplomatic relations with Israel, many countries in the Middle East will not permit entry to travelers with evidence of […]

Dress code to Travel to Egypt

What to Wear in Egypt: Appropriate Dress Code for Men and Women

Egypt is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (most of which cultural) and 5-star resorts on the coast of the famous Red Sea, Egypt is the ideal destination for beach lovers and cultural tourists alike. Egypt is also a predominantly Islamic country. Many Western travelers — and […]

Egypt Customs Requirements

Egypt Customs Regulations and Entry Requirements

Before enjoying Egypt’s majestic pyramids, endless dunes, and charming souks, travelers need to get familiar with local customs including what you can and cannot bring along when traveling to Egypt. Certain objects and medications foreign citizens use commonly without much thought in their day to day lives may be illegal in Egypt. Read our expert […]