Travel Information Guide to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt is an insightful country with many visitors to its southern city of Sharm El Sheikh. The climate in Sharm El Sheikh is warm throughout the year given its sunny location along the Red Sea. The best time of year to visit Sharm El Sheikh is considered around springtime and autumntime as temperatures are relatively warm yet not overly hot. Summertime can be exceptionally warm in South Egypt. The timezone in Egypt is UTC+02:00.

Getting to Sharm El Sheikh is relatively easy by air, as the third-busiest airport in Egypt is in Sharm El Sheikh, known as Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Many choose to spend their holidays by the Red Sea and enjoy the tourist area that has been developed over the years.

Travelers planning on visiting Sharm El Sheikh should make sure they are aware of the following information prior to travel.

Traveling to and from Sharm El Sheikh

Procedures in airports when arriving or departing Egypt are generally quick with no questions asked. The procedures may be more complex when entering or departing by land or sea.

Travelers are advised to travel to and from Sharm E Sheikh by air travel. Crossing land borders with your own vehicle or arriving by sea on your own boat may lead to immigration authorities questioning you for longer and slowing down the entry process for travelers to Sharm El Sheikh. This is also likely to be even slower if you wish to obtain a Sharm El Sheikh visa on arrival.

At present, there is the talk of change regarding the visa Egypt Sharm El Sheikh and possible standardizing process that is said will go underway to facilitate the visa process for Egypt. This will enable more travelers to obtain a visa online prior to traveling to Sharm El Sheikh. Introducing an online visa system, similar to those introduced by many countries in recent years will also decrease the issue of the visa on arrival Sharm El Sheikh, speeding up immigration queues at border control upon arrival.

Regulations for Travel to Sharm El Sheikh

It is crucial that travelers self-inform of what products, materials, and substances can be brought into and taken from the country of Egypt. Customs regulations in Egypt are known to be strict and travelers who carry illegal substances, objects, and other offensive items risk being prosecuted, fined or imprisoned.

There are certains allowances for liquids and substances such as alcohol, perfume, but also for products such as tobacco, cigarettes, and cigars. The following information details the quantities for liquids and other information for traveling to Sharm El Sheikh:

  • On arrival, duty-free allowances are:
    • 1L perfume
    • 1L alcohol
    • Either 25 cigars, 200 cigarettes or 200 g tobacco
  • After arrival in Egypt, it is possible to buy up to 3L more of alcohol within 48 hours of arrival.*
  • Travelers can also purchase up to US$200 in other items at the duty-free shop.*
  • Cash, electronics, and jewelry must occasionally be declared on the Customs Declaration Form D.
  • Immigration authorities take the use of prohibited and restricted articles seriously. These articles include any tools used for espionage such as films, photos, pamphlets, books, and other items.

*These items must be bought within 48 hours of arrival in Egypt and can be bought at dedicated shops at the airport in Egypt, such as in Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Hurghada, and other official tax-free shops.

Sharm El Sheikh Visa Requirements for Passports

Travelers must be aware of passport requirements for Sharm El Sheikh prior to traveling. Failure to observe the regulations for passports could result in rejected entry at the border or expulsion from the country while staying in Egypt.

The main requirement for foreign passports in Egypt is that travelers’ passports must be valid for a period of at least 6 months on the day of arrival in Egypt. This requirement also forms part of the Sharm El Sheikh visa requirements.

Unlike other Middle Eastern countries, Israeli stamps in your passport present no complications when entering Egypt. This is also the same for visitors traveling with an Israeli passport.

Sharm El Sheikh Visa Information

For most nationalities, it is necessary to obtain a visa to Sharm El Sheikh. There are different types of visas for Egypt and also different ways of obtaining one.

Visa applicants are able to get an online visa for travel to Egypt. The single-entry tourist visa Sharm El Sheikh enables travelers to stay for up to 30 days and is available to many different nationalities.

In turn, travelers can also opt for an Egypt visa on arrival Sharm El Sheikh which can be obtained upon arrival as a Sharm El Sheikh airport visa. Visa extensions cannot be processed outside of Egypt. Should applicants require a visa extension while in Egypt, it is recommended that they visit the immigration authorities to understand further how to obtain one.

For more information regarding the visa application process for Egypt, learn more about the Egyptian visa online.

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