Accommodation in Egypt: Where to Stay

Stay in Egypt

In Egypt, accommodation comes in various forms.

From resorts on the Red Sea to guesthouses in Islamic Cairo, there are many different types of accommodation in Egypt, which vary in price, location, and level of luxury.

The question of where to stay depends on whether the visitor is planning to see the Pyramids of Giza, walk through the Valley of the Kings, venture out into the desert, or relax at a coastal resort.

This guide will help travelers to find the best places to stay in Egypt based on their needs and budget.

Where Should I Stay in Egypt?

International travelers looking for where to stay in Egypt should first consider what they want to see and do on their trip.

Many visitors come to see the famous tombs and temples left behind by Ancient Egypt. There are vast distances between sites like the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, and travelers may need to make hotel reservations in different locations.

On the other hand, if the aim of the vacation is to relax, Egyptian resorts by the Red Sea are ideal.

Popular places in Egypt to visit include:

  • Cairo
  • Luxor
  • Alexandria
  • Aswan
  • Egyptian beach resorts on the Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts

In each of these locations, there is a full spectrum of accommodation options, from guesthouses to hotels for every budget.

Many visitors to Egypt choose to embark on a Nile river cruise, most of which take multiple days and allow passengers to stay on the vessel overnight in private cabins.

Desert camping is also popular and there are options at tourist campsites associated with resorts on the Sinai peninsula, as well as during organized trips to the Western Desert. Visitors are advised not to camp in non-designated locations due to security restrictions. However, tourist offices in Egypt can direct visitors to the nearest campsites.

Where Should I Stay in Egypt to See the Pyramids?

Arguably the most iconic things about Egypt are its ancient pyramids. In particular, the 3 huge structures at Giza (the Great Pyramid of Giza or Khufu’s Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure) and the associated complex, with the Great Sphinx watching over them, have long captured the imagination of people around the world.

International visitors looking for the best areas to vacation in Egypt often want to include a trip to the Pyramids of Giza on their holiday.

Giza is located in the Greater Cairo Metropolis, around 4.9 km (3 mi) southwest of central Cairo and is easily accessible from hotels in both cities.

Where to Stay in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a large city and part of an even larger urban area that includes the neighboring city of Giza. There are many interesting parts of the city, from the old city neighborhoods of Islamic and Coptic Cairo to the eateries and nightlife of Zamalek island in the middle of the River Nile.

Some of the most recommended areas of Cairo to stay include:

  • Maadi
  • Zamalek
  • Garden City
  • 5th Settlement (Tagamoa’ El Khames)/New Cairo
  • 6th of October City
  • Heliopolis

Resorts in Egypt

On the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts of Egypt, resort towns are popular destinations for international visitors on vacation looking to relax.

Red Sea cities such as Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh are home to some of the best resorts in Egypt.

Hotels in Egyptian resorts include pools, beach access, and, in many cases, luxury accommodation and service. Many have international restaurants and facilities such as spas, infinity pools, and golf courses.

Some also organize activities and excursions such as diving in the Red Sea and desert camping.

Choosing a Hotel in Egypt

Egypt has hotels for travelers with different budgets. Rates are usually negotiable, particularly during the low season. Last-minute bookings, particularly mid-week can often land good deals, even at high-end hotels.

There are many budget options in major cities like Cairo and Luxor. There is a lot of competition, so prices are generally very affordable and standards are reasonably high.

Air conditioning is usually available, but may cost extra. The majority of rooms have private bathrooms, although some older hotels may have shared bathrooms.

Mid-range hotels are harder to find in Egypt, although there are a number which are usually available as part of package-tour bookings.

In Egypt, luxury hotels are numerous, with most international chains present in major cities like Cairo and at coastal resorts like Sharm El-Sheikh.

During the low season, it is possible to get good offers even on luxury hotel rooms.

When choosing hotels in Egypt, visitors should be aware that most prices quoted do not include taxes, which can be as high as 24%.

Is a Proof of Accommodation Necessary for an eVisa Application?

Obtaining an Egypt electronic visa is the easiest way to obtain authorization to enter the country. The eVisa is an online visa that can be applied for from the comfort of the traveler’s home, without having to go to an embassy or consulate.

Completing the Egypt eVisa application form online involves submitting basic personal information, such as the traveler’s name and nationality as well as their passport details.

It is not necessary to provide a hotel reservation or proof of having organized another form of accommodation while in Egypt as part of the supporting documentation for the eVisa application.

Upon arrival in Egypt, travelers may have to give information about their accommodation arrangements when passing through border control.

Access to Egypt eVisa Form