Travel to Egypt with Kids

travel to egypt with children

In general, kids love anything to do with Ancient Egypt: mummies, tombs and the pyramids all fascinate youngsters and inspire dreams of becoming a dashing archaeologist like Indiana Jones.

Traveling to Egypt with kids is a great way to make children’s fantasies come to life, and there are a number of attractions and experiences in the country that will stay with young minds for a lifetime.

What’s more, Egyptian people generally love children, so families are almost guaranteed to receive a warm welcome when holidaying in the country.

Read on to learn about the best places in Egypt for families, including Cairo, the Red Sea Coast, the Southern Nile Valley, and the Western Desert.

Is Egypt a Good Place for a Family Holiday?

Yes, in many ways Egypt is the perfect place for a family trip, largely because of the loving attitude locals tend to show towards children.

Waiters in most restaurants will be overjoyed to see kids and children are likely to receive a lot of positive attention and may even be offered complimentary sweet treats after the meal. Families traveling to Egypt with a baby shouldn’t be too surprised if locals want to shower their toddlers with free hugs.

Furthermore, many Egyptian establishments will offer special services for kids, including high chairs for babies and toddlers, while babysitting facilities are usually available in high-end hotels.

Apart from the warm welcome children will receive, there is more than enough on offer in Egypt to keep kids entertained during their stay.

The Top Egyptian Attractions for Children

The following cultural and historic sites will entertain visitors of all ages to Egypt, but children, in particular, will love the following attractions:

  • The Egyptian Museum – This Cairo museum contains one of the most important collections of Ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, including much of the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The Imhotep Museum in Saqqara is also well worth a visit with kids.
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu – One of the pyramids of Giza, kids will appreciate the option to climb through the winding tunnels of this ancient structure and get deep inside the burial chambers – although claustrophobic children may want to want to sit it out.
  • Mummification Museum – This museum in Luxor will allow kids to explore their fascination with mummies and discover a number of artifacts connected to the mummification process, including a number of mummified animals.
  • The Tombs of the Nobles – Located in Aswan, these 6 cliffside burial chambers are decorated with a range of dramatic hieroglyphics that kids are sure to enjoy trying to decipher.
  • The Valley of the Kings – One of the biggest attractions in Luxor, this extensive site on the Nile’s west bank boasts over 63 extravagant royal tombs to explore.
  • Wadi Al HittanAlso known as ‘Whale Valley’, this dramatic desert area is home to the strange sight of over 400 prehistoric whale fossils scattered across the dunes, a curious attraction sure to fascinate children.

The Best Kids Experiences in Egypt

While visiting museums and ancient attractions will keep children occupied for a while, families are advised to intersperse these visits with some of these more active experiences to keep kids stimulated while in Egypt:

  • Bike riding along the Nile’s west bank – Hire a bike from Luxor and head out to discover the stunning countryside along the Nile River.
  • Ride a Camel to the Pyramids of Giza – Kids will love getting up close and personal with these exotic animals. Horse trekking tours to the pyramids from Cairo are also available.
  • Take a felucca traditional boat ride – While it’s possible to take a day boat trip from Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan, those with more time to spend in Egypt should consider taking kids on a Nile cruise along the length of the river.
  • Souvenir shopping in Cairo’s bazaars – Although the crowded markets of Egypt’s capital may not be obviously kid-friendly, children will love searching for the perfect exotic trinket to take home.
  • Snorkeling on the Red Sea Coast – The resorts of both Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are perfect for a range of water sports, and children will love exploring the many offshore islands and colorful coral reefs.

Is Egypt Travel Safe with Kids?

In general, Egypt is perfectly safe for a family holiday with kids, although, as with any travel destination, visitors are advised to come prepared for local conditions and exercise caution in large crowded areas.

It is also worth keeping the following tips for traveling to Egypt with kids in mind when planning a trip:

  • As food preparation hygiene can be inconsistent, parents are advised to prepare for any diarrhea or other stomach problems that may arise.
  • As children can lose fluid rapidly in the hot desert climate, parents are advised to stock up on rehydration salts just in case, which can be bought cheaply from most Egyptian pharmacies.
  • Many cars and taxis are not up to the same safety standards visitors may be used to, and may not contain kid’s car seats or even seat belts. Boats may not have child-size life preservers on board.
  • Don’t let children touch wild animals such as stray cats, as these can carry disease.
  • Products such as baby formula and diapers may not be available outside of the main resort towns, so stock up if heading to remote areas. Likewise, healthy snacks for kids may not be available everywhere, so stock up on items such as peanuts, sesame-seed bars, and dried fruit in advance if planning a long day trip.

For further information about bringing kids to Egypt, parents are advised to check the government Egypt travel advisory of their country of residence.

Do Kids Need a Visa for Egypt?

Whether or not children need a visa for Egypt depends on their nationality. There are only 9 visa-free countries for Egypt, whose citizens can stay in the country visa-exempt for a short stay:

  • Bahrain
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Macao
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Malaysia

Travelers of all other nationalities, no matter their age, are required to have an individually approved visa to enter Egypt, including all babies, toddlers, and children under the age of 18. All kids must have their own Egypt visa, even if they are included under a parent’s passport.

However, Citizens of 46 countries around the world are now able to apply for a 30-day Egypt tourist visa through a simple online application, which eliminates the need to obtain travel authorization from an embassy or consulate.