When Is the Best Time to Travel to Egypt?

Best season to go to Egypt

Egypt sparks many travelers’ imagination — whether they dream of an adventure in the desert, visiting Tutankhamon’s tomb, or snorkeling in the Red Sea, foreigners are unlikely to get bored spending their holidays in Egypt.

Many come to Egypt during the summer to enjoy a beach holiday at its best, others prefer to spend their winter holidays in the Egyptian gentle weather. Because of the great variety of activities that one can undertake in the land of the Pharaos, Egypt is worth a trip all year round. However, the ideal time to visit Egypt varies depending on your specific travel plans.

Traveling to Egypt is also getting easier, with more direct air routes opened with many countries, and the implementation of a new electronic visa system that allows eligible foreign citizens to apply for their Egyptian visa online from anywhere in the world without having to visit an Egyptian embassy or consulate in person.

In this article, you will find detailed information for travelers regarding:

  • The best time of the year to visit Egypt depending on travel plans
  • Egypt’s average weather and temperatures across the country
  • The right time to get a visa before traveling.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Egypt?

There are many factors to take into consideration when planning the perfect Egyptian holiday for the right season. These may vary depending on your specific circumstances, but here are a few examples of things to keep in mind before booking your plane ticket:

When is the Peak Season in Egypt?

If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy a quiet and relaxed holiday, you should learn about the most popular tourist season in Egypt. There are different peak seasons depending on the region you wish to visit.

Summertime (June to September) is considered low season in inland locations like Luxor because of the scorching temperatures. However, the temperatures are much gentler on the coast and although Cairo gets pretty hot, summer months are high season for business here.

In general, the Egyptian peak season is considered to be between mid-October to May, with the Christmas holidays being a very busy time for tourism.

Traveling to Egypt During Ramadan

The vast majority of Egyptian people identify as Muslims. Ramadan is the holy month of Islam, when believers refrain from a series of activities during the day, including drinking and eating. The fasting is broken at the iftar, a special prayer time that coincides with the time of sunset.

Tourists are not expected to fast but should keep in mind that a great number of businesses like shops, banks, and travel agencies will be closed for the majority of the day. You should also expect bars and restaurants to only open after sunset.

The end of Ramadan is a major event for the local population — come to Egypt during Ramadan if you enjoy big festivities.

The Best Time to Visit the Red Sea

The summer months (from June to September) are ideal to visit the great resorts on the Red Sea like those in famous Sharm El Sheikh. Temperatures are high across the country but the coast will remain cooler. Nights won’t get cold and the water temperature will be warm enough to allow tourists to spend long times in the ocean as they explore the coral reef either snorkeling or scuba diving.

When Should You Go on a Nile Cruise?

A cruise on the Nile can easily become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll get to see much of the country and what it has to offer while enjoying breathtaking views.

Since the vast majority of cruises include stops to visit some of Egypt’s best archaeological sites like Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, the hottest months are to be avoided. The best time to go on a Cruise on the Nile is, therefore, between October and April.

How Hot Is Egypt in Winter?

Egypt is famous for being one of the sunniest and warmest countries on the planet. In general, it presents a desert climate, with the exception of the coastal areas. That’s because Egypt is almost entirely within the Sahara. During the summer months (June to September) you can expect temperatures to stay consistently above 30 degrees Celsius in most of the country.

While the Mediterranean coastal strip reports annual rainfall levels of 100-200 mm, central and southern areas can go years without any significant rain.

Winters are generally warm in Egypt. However, it must be noted that desert climates are characterized by abrupt changes, with nights easily becoming extremely cold. This should be kept into account when deciding what clothes to pack for an Egyptian holiday.

When Should I Get a Visa for Egypt?

Of the millions of visitors that travel to Egypt each year, the vast majority need a visa before they can enter the country and enjoy their holiday. There are plenty of Egyptian visa types available depending on the traveler’s specific circumstances — such as their nationality, reasons for traveling, etc.

In order to strengthen border control and encourage international tourism, the Egyptian Government has recently launched an Egyptian electronic visa. The application only takes minutes and can be completed from any device that has access to the internet. It takes up to 7 days for the Egyptian authorities to process the eVisa application and therefore, you should apply at least a week prior to departure. Keep in mind that if your application misses information or supporting documents, this may result in delays.

Egypt also offers the option to apply for a visa at the border. However, this is only available to a limited number of nationalities. Moreover, tourists applying for a visa on arrival can spend a considerably higher amount of time queuing at the border and may see their visa rejected if they don’t have the correct documentation or enough cash with them to pay for the visa application fee.

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