Visa Application for Egypt

Apply for Egypt Visa

The online Egypt visa application form is straightforward to complete. Applicants just need to answer a few questions and pay a fee using a credit or debit card. The whole process normally takes under 10 minutes.

Travelers should complete the visa form for Egypt at least 7 days before their trip though most applications are processed within 72 hours. Once approved, Egypt eVisas are sent to applicants by email.

Required Information to Process the Egypt Online Visa Form

Applicants need to provide some basic information to complete the Egypt visa online application form. It is necessary to provide personal information (such as name, address, and date of birth), passport details (including the number, country of issue, and expiry date), and travel dates.

There are also some security and health-related questions which applicants should answer openly. The information entered on the visa form for Egypt is screened using security databases.

The final part of the Egypt online visa application form is the payment. Applicants are required to enter their credit or debit card details which includes the card number, expiry date, and the CVV/CVC number.

As part of the application, it is necessary to upload a scan of the biographical page of the applicant’s passport. However, this can be submitted after the original application at a more convenient moment.

Tips for Submitting your Egypt Online Visa Form

The online visa application form for Egypt is simple to complete. The questions are accompanied by clear instructions and the process of completing the form is quick.

Before starting the visa application form for Egypt, applicants should make sure they are eligible to apply. It is necessary to have a passport which is issued by an Egypt eVisa eligible country and has at least 6 months remaining from the intended date of entry.

Applicants should be aware that unanswered questions and mistakes can lead to delays in the application process and even visa rejections in some cases. Before submitting the Egypt visa application form online, applicants should revise their application to ensure all the questions have been answered fully and accurately.

When uploading a copy of the biographical page of the passport, which can be done after the original application, the applicant’s should make sure the copy is clear and in full color.

Apply Online for the Egypt eVisa in 3 Simple Steps

Applying for an Egypt eVisa only takes a matter of minutes. Applicants can obtain the eVisa by following 3 simple steps:


    Complete the online Egypt visa application form
    Pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card
    Receive the Egypt eVisa by email

Step 1: Completing the Egypt eVisa form

The first step to obtaining the Egypt eVisa is to complete the online application. Foreigners should check the Egypt visa requirements for their country of origin before proceeding.

It takes just a few minutes to fill in, requiring basic personal details such as the candidate’s full name, date and place of birth, and passport information. Travel plans such as flight details are also requested at this stage.

In order to proceed successfully through the different stages of the eVisa process, it is essential that all sections of the questionnaire are filled in and that the information provided is accurate.

Step 2: Pay the fees and submit for review

To finalize the process, the Egypt eVisa fees are paid using a debit or credit card and the request is submitted for review.

A confirmation email is sent advising the applicant that the form and supporting documentation have been received correctly and that they will be notified of the decision within the coming days.

Step 3: Egypt eVisa approval or denial

The next notification that a traveler receives should inform them whether or not the eVisa has been approved.

In the majority of cases, the tourist visa for Egypt is granted and a copy is sent to the visitor by email, to be printed at home and present at the Egyptian border upon arrival. The process is now complete and the visa holder can travel to Egypt.

If the eVisa is not granted, an email notification is also sent, it is not possible to go to Egypt without an approved visa.


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Countries That Can Apply for a Visa to Egypt

To successfully apply, it is necessary to have a passport issued by one of the following countries:

The Egyptian online visa is designed to be quick and easy to obtain. Eligible nationals can submit their application in minutes electronically thanks to the straightforward application form.

Once the petitioner submits the application complete of the supporting documents, they need to pay a processing fee in order for the request to be reviewed. Once the process is finalized, they can expect to receive the approved visa within 1 to 7 business days directly in their inbox. Applicants should check the spam folder in their email to make sure not to miss communications regarding their eVisa application.

Yes, a completely online visa application is available for Egypt. The electronic visa (or eVisa) is the quickest and fastest way to obtain a permit to enter the country for tourism purposes.

The eVisa can be requested from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of one’s home or office. The traveler only has to make sure to have access to a reliable internet connection. Supporting documents (such as the applicant’s valid passport) can also be submitted in electronic format.

A renowned destination on the Red Sea, Hurghada is popular with international tourists and locals alike.

Since it is part of the Egyptian territory, the vast majority of foreign visitors must obtain a visa for Egypt in order to travel to Hurghada. The most convenient way to get one is by applying online for an eVisa (electronic visa) which allows for a maximum stay of 30 days, ideal for most tourists.

Only 9 nationalities can enter Egypt visa-free. For the vast majority of foreign nationals, obtaining a visa is mandatory in order to visit the country. The type of visa that one must obtain depends on their specific circumstances, such as their nationality, length of stay, and reason(s) for traveling to Egypt.

Tourists from more than 30 countries around the world can apply for the eVisa online. Moreover, the list is expected to be extended in the future so those who do not have access to the online application now should check whether they will become eligible.

The eVisa processing times are very short. While the application in itself can be completed in a matter of minutes, the Egyptian authorities usually take just a few business days to process the request and issue an electronic visa.

However, tourists are advised to apply at least 1 week in advance in order to allow for potential delays and avoid disruption to their travel plans.

Delays are rare but when they occur, they are usually caused by bank holidays or incomplete applications. In order to avoid this, it is paramount to fill out the application form in all of its parts and submit all the relevant documentation.